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Buying or Selling a Home; Inspections!

Whether you are the buyer or the seller make sure to do your research on who does your inspections. Word of mouth is its weight in gold! Ask around in your community and see what you find out. Things to make sure to ask; How thorough are they in their inspection?, How easy are they to communicate with?, Are they easy to get a hold of?, How long does it take them to produce a report? These questions are very important and will add or subtract from the escrow moving along smoothly

In a termite inspection you want them to respond quick and very clear in their findings on the report. If not, it can really hold up or even delay your escrow close date. For a general inspector it can become a true nightmare! If they aren't thorough the buyer can really feel taken and if they are too nit picky they seller will feel nickel and dimed. Neither is a good thing. Buyer's please, please choose your own home inspector and get references! This is the only way you can insure there isn't any outside influence in your inspection. Be at the inspection with your inspector. Not only will you insure a good inspection but they can teach you a few things about where to find shut off valves and such in your new home

With transparency and honesty in the findings of the inspections, you are sure to have both the buyer and seller walk away without regret. Happy transaction to you all!

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