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Getting Your House Ready for Sale and Expectations

The very first point of busyness when you decide to sell your home is to declutter! Anything that doesn't need to be in the house should be packed away and ready to move. This has two benefits; 1. Your potential buyer won't be distracted by the "stuff" and will be able to actually see the house. This way they can visualize where their furniture and things will go. 2. You will have a jump on your move. You'll have less to pack as you close escrow

Second order of busyness to keep your buyers interest is to make sure your home is clean. If your home isn't clean it will again, be a distraction and sometimes buyers will have the thought process of, "what else doesn't this seller keep up on?" Maintenance is extremely important to a buyer

The very best thing you can do is get out of your emotions and really look at your house as if you were the buyer. If you were to walk through your house, would you want to buy it? What little things that you've put off to fix that you now just overlook? Those would be great things to fix. The little details can add up to a mountain of things that a buyer now looks at as something they would have to do. You want to keep their to do list short or they will want to drive down you asking price!

Please sellers, listen to your Realtor's on what your house is worth in this market. Overpricing you house doesn't help you and will drive your Realtor bonkers. If you overpriced your home it will sit on the market and the only offers (if any) will seem really low to you. The longer your home is on the market the more skeptical potential buyers become. They come looking at it with a "what is wrong with this home?" question in their mind, before they even see it

If you list your home for a reasonable price, declutter and keep it clean, your home should have no problem selling within a couple of months. If your lucky, a couple of weeks!

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