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Organic Solution For An Unwanted Guest

Organic Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches
Posted by Green Life Staff
While cockroaches really are not all that ‘evil,’ their presence is not exactly welcome. No one wants to see their home or dwelling overrun with cockroaches which is why it is necessary to take the proper steps required to get rid of them. However, the common ways of ‘evicting’ cockroaches are not exactly friendly from the environment. They are also not exactly safe for humans. No, spraying roaches with pest poisons would probably be a plan well worth avoiding. Of course, this does raise questions regarding how to actually get rid of the roaches. For those with such concerns, here is some helpful info: there are environmentally green friendly ways to remove those pesky roaches from your home

Probably the best and most environmentally ways to prevent the infestation of cockroaches in the home would be to employ preventive maintenance skills. This will significantly help reduce if not outright eliminate the presence of roaches in the home

For example, roaches are attracted to food sources. That is why it is so very necessary to clean up all your dishes and food preparation areas thoroughly. Don’t leave dirty plates out overnight since this will be an invitation to the cockroaches. In addition to cleaning up your own food area, you will want to clean up your pet’s food area as well. Again, this will eliminate many of the attractors that pull in roaches from the outside

Speaking of the outside, you definitely do not want to have any cracks in your home’s foundation that allows roaches to gain easy access to the premises. If you do notice there are ways that cockroaches can enter the home, use a sealant to block their port of entry

It is also important not to do those things that can lead to bring in roaches from the outside. Namely, you do not want o add anything to the home that might contain cockroach eggs. Dirty crates from the supermarket, for example, may be a common way eggs get into a home or apartment. Once the eggs are inside, it is only a matter of time before they hatch

Roaches love dampness and that means if you want to reduce their presence you will need to reduce the amount of dampness in the home. That means that leaky sink needs to be fixed pronto! And it also would not hurt to add baking soda to floors where links seem common. This will absorb the leaks and reduce the potential for roach infestations to occur. Clearly, that would be a good thing

When you already have roaches and need to kill them, it is best to use organic compounds since these are non-toxic to humans. Mixing borax, sugar, and flour into a paste will kill roaches as well as any poison but without the toxic side effects that chemical poisons can deliver. Even putting oil in a pot of water can work since it will lead to the roaches being trapped and drowned. Again, this prevents any toxic infestations from occurring which is certainly a good thing

Yes, there is a way to safely get rid of roaches in an environmentally friendly manner. What a shame most people are unaware of such a process.

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