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Price is Right!?

Pricing your home right makes a world of difference. Most homeowners are worried they won't get the most they possibly can out of the sale of their home. If you owe more than you can get than you will either short sale it, stay living their or rent it out. Depending on what your unique situation is will help you determine what is best for you. Your best action is to contact a Realtor who knows about short sales as well as normal sales and leasing. They will be very beneficial in giving information that you are totally unaware of

If you have equity in your home and want to sell, your first point of business is to find out your Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) from your Realtor. This is very easy to do and shouldn't cost you anything. Once you have your CMA and still want to sell, sit down with a Realtor and have them help you with a game plan. The price should be determined with your CMA as your base information. Have the agent walk through your home with you to help determine if there are things about your property that will add or subtract from the value. There will usually be a price range that your agent will discuss with you. If you need to try for the higher end than that is your decision but, it might take a while for the property to sell. If you want to sell fast you will want to choose a price toward the lower end of the price range. Sometimes choosing a lower price will create a "bidding war". Bitting Wars happen when you get a flood of offers within a few days and they are offering more and more in hopes to get the home. This still happens though, not as often as it use to. You must be willing to sell at the price you list at or you are wasting every one's time including your own

Some Realtors will list the property with a price range right on the listing. This is a good strategy! With a price range you will show up on more home searches and in turn have more people looking

I hope this article will help put some minds to rest and help potential sellers to understand this process

Happy selling!

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