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The Biggest Things That'll Turn Buyers Into Bolters

If you've ever sold a home before, then you know how crucial it is to get your home in pristine condition. That gives your real estate agent ample ammo to list your home at the best price possible based on market conditions.

Yet, some sellers choose to ignore these instructions, pegging them as time-consuming tasks that won't affect the sale of their home. The truth is, in today's market, buyers can easily sniff out when homes are up-to-snuff.

The good news is that there are a few turn-offs that you can easily avoid.

Unresolved Maintenance
If your home has some much-needed repairs due to wind, rain, or even just gravity, you are severely limiting the number of buyers who might want to purchase your home. As a homeowner, the general rule is that you take care of your home, keep repairs up-to-date, and invest back into one of the biggest purchases some people will make in their life.

Not doing so makes buyers uneasy and likely questioning just how hard it's going to be to fix up the home. Unless you've priced it as a "fixer-upper," prepare to see a lot of buyers, but not a lot of offers.

Dated Decor
Outdated decor has the tendency of taking the buyer's eyes away from your home's most valuable selling points. Instead of looking at its potential, they're stuck questioning what's behind the 10-year old wallpaper. Or how much it would cost to rip carpet out of the bathrooms. When you invest the time and money - in some cases as little as $1,000 - into making your home ready-to-live in. We're not talking uber trendy, just some touch ups to take you out of the old and into the new.

Overpricing Your Home
Have you ever been to a restaurant that talked up their dining experience, didn't deliver, but left you with a hefty bill? You're unhappy, you feel gypped, and you'll likely never visit again. Overpricing your home can have the same effect.

Not heeding your expert real estate agent's advice to price your home properly, could lead to negative feedback from buyers. Buyers who are priced out of your range won't even look at your home. Those who can afford it will quickly move on to homes that offer more in the same price range.

In the same way, you might question eating at a completely empty restaurant, buyers question why no one has bought your home. The longer it sits on the market because it's overpriced and not attracting the right buyers, the harder it gets to sell.

Source: National Association of the Remodeling Industry

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