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What ever your Real Estate need, we have you covered!

We truly are full-service Realtors

We can help you not only with normal Real Estate transactions but tough heartbreaking and stressful transaction as well. When the worst happens in your family, you can count on us to help get you through it. When it’s divorce we can work with you and the lawyers or mediator to help navigate through your Real Estate details. If it’s the loss of a spouse or parent, we will help you navigate through Probate or help with the Trust. Even when there’s a Trust Bank involved. We have the knowledge and heart to see you through. We will give you the information and referrals to make it the easiest for you and your family as possible. Actually, we will give you a great referral right now! We have had two cases just this year that Dan and Suki Wilson helped with tremendously. They are certified personal property appraisers who you can higher for your Estate Sale. They will appraise the expensive items and antiques that may be present and price them accordingly. They are extremely respectful and tactful with the family and the family’s wishes. If expensive items don’t sell at the Estate Sale, they may auction them at the auction house if you prefer. Dan can be reached at 714-916-8119 or [email protected] Both recent families couldn’t have been more thankful to Dan and Suki. We really can help with all your Real Estate needs.

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